Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Candy time

What kid doesn't go crazy for candies? My friend's daughter loves them so much that she decide to give her a Candy Bar Party. Lolipops, candy bars, popcorn, cotton candy and brigadeiros in a very colorful atmosphere. The sweetest table I have ever seen in all meanings.
Brigadeiros got a special candy nostalgia topped with M&Ms.
From the little details to the hole party decor, everything was designed to resemble a vintage candy shop.
And last but not least, our brig-pops in pink and purple shades to match the party vibe.

Photos by Martha Sachser.


  1. Those cute candies are perfect for children's party and trick or treat parties during Halloween. Those candies will look good with the traditional candy apples we make.

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  3. Why do I have this jealous feeling that I didn't had a candy bar party when I was young? I guess I would have settled for more permanent dentures if I had one before. My love for candies seriously damaged some of my teeth and it is just sad. At least, lesson's learned.

  4. I would love to have a party like this for my daughter. I wonder how my girlfriend, who is a cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, would react if I tell her my plans.