Banana Cinnamon Brigadeiro
$42/40 units or $90/100 units*

Chocolate w/ chocolate sprinkles
Little Kiss – Coconut brigadeiro w/ grounded coconut
White – milky brigadeiro w/ crystallized sugar
Bicho de Pé – pink milky brigadeiro w/ crystallized sugar
2 lovers – Chocolate and White brigadeiros twisted
$38/40 units or $80/100 units*

Bahia Brigadeiro - chocolate brigadeiro w/organic cocoa nibs
Passionfruit brigadeiro w/ crystallized sugar
Sicilian lemon brigadeiro w/ crystallized sugar
Coffee brigadeiro w/ shaved white chocolate
Nuit – Belgian chocolate brigadeiro w/ shaved milk chocolate
$40/40 units or $85/100 units*

Honey brigadeiro w/ sliced almonds
Pistachios brigadeiro w/ grounded pistachios
Walnut brigadeiro w/ crystallized sugar
Dulce de leche brigadeiro w/ grounded walnuts
$42/40 units or $90/100 units*

Chocolate Brigadeiro Layer Cake
Little Kiss - white cake with coconut brigadeiro topped with marshmallow and coconut flakes
Two Lovers - vanilla cake, chocolate & white brigadeiro filling topped with marshmallow and shaved milk chocolate  
9" round x 4"high
Carrot Cake w/Brigadeiro (two layers) - 9" round x 3"high

White cake w/ dulce de leche filling and sugar crust
$ 2.80/piece**

our signature chocolate brigadeiros covered with milk or white chocolate
* 40 units orders up to 2 flavors and 100 units orders up to 3 flavors, count of 20
Multiple flavors orders will be priced at the more expensive
** 20 pieces minimum order wrapped in basic style
We deliver in all NYC – ask for rates / Pick-up available at 111 Lawrence St. - Brooklyn