Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall boys

Last year I had the chance to see the foliage season in New England with my mom. Before that I could only relate colors like amber, burgundy, mustard, plum or apricot to a popular painting catalog. That's the result of growing up in a tropical (and amazing) country where fall is something unclear between summer and winter. But all those colors woke me up for a new cycle. That period of the year when it's too late to wear tanks and to soon to hang your tacky holiday socks on the fireplace. Fall. Sunny and chilly. Windy and pleasant. Lazy and warm. Translating this mood to brigadeiros was delicious. Little cinnamon. Little nutmeg. A little more cinnamon. All the other ingredients seemed to embace the idea. The sugar leaf was brought by the wind and landed as the season spirit.

Our menu is warmer now.

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  1. Mariana,

    I love not only the taste of your brigadeiros, but your endless creativity. Now I'm here, almost 3am, wishing I could taste these boys. And the way you write about every creation is priceless. You are a complete artist. I feel happy everytime I visit your blog.