Thursday, October 6, 2011


One of my favorites past week's projects was this favor box. Bride and groom were huge fan of brigadeiros and wanted to share their passion with all guests. They tasted and picked four top flavors and we assemble them in this boxes using the decor colors. Isn't it adorable?   
 The flavors? Bahia (cocoa nibs), Little Kiss (coconut), coffee and almonds.


  1. Dear Mariana,
    I am the mother of the Bride Aline. Your work is beautiful and delicious! Everybody loved the brigadeiros. You made their wedding sweeter.
    Vania Amadeu

  2. I like these boxes as the package. Really elegant yet very simple. Makes for a holiday gift.

  3. These looked so beautiful on the table with the flower arrangement. I will have to send you a picture! Our guests were blown away by the delicious treats inside! I actually had people calling me in the weeks following asking where they could get more!