Friday, December 3, 2010


Who is capable to say no to a pregnant woman? I'm surely not. A while ago, I was delivering brigadeiros to this customer (she's pregnant) when I mentioned my culinary school background and some events where I cooked all the food (no only the sweets), and then she asked if I was used to bake chicken pies, a very traditional Brazilian comfort recipe. I love chicken pies, so I always managed to keep it around my menus, specially when I find catupiry, a kind of Brazilian cream cheese that is less tart and a little more cheesy, that elevates this recipe to the heaven category. 
baby shower treats (bem casados) 

A few minutes after the delivery I got an email from her saying that after talking about the pies her cravings for one was out of control. Could you make one for me to try? At the time I was cooking only sweets, but there's no way I could say no to her. Pregnancy wishes should be taken as law. She happily got her pie. 
her favorite brigadeiros: pistachio, lemon and traditional chocolate.

Few weeks later she asks me if I could cook for the baby shower. Surely, yes. I made some appetizers, pies (chicken ones, of course) brigadeiros and bem casados. This last ones wrapped in this greenish brown chessboard fabric because she wanted to escape of babies blue and pink standards. So cool.

Unfortunately there's no picture of the pie. But after the party I got another email from her saying that everything was great and she was specially happy because one of the pies was left intact, ALL for her. She said it would be her next week feast, slice by slice. Despite her pregnancy, how could I say no again to someone with such bad intentions? 
some of the savory treats: blue cheese (left) and sauteé mushrooms ecláirs
and apricots, walnuts and goat cheese terrine.


  1. ... Unfortunately I didn't try, but everybody was talking about - can you deliver to downtown Manhattan?
    By the way, the bem-casados were delicious!!

  2. Mari, eu sempre compro catupiry no Rio Bonito... Às vezes vou a Newark, passear e fazer essas comprinhas, qdo voltar de Paris, vou precisar it, se quiser passear...