Thursday, January 13, 2011


- So, did you finish that brigadeiro order?
- Yep.
- Was there any leftover for me?
- No.
- But you always make extras...
- Yes.
- Not a single one today?
- No.
- Did you eat all the extras?
- Please, stop asking to many questions. 
Little corner mouth smile. 
- Did you? 
- Maybe.
Big laugh. 
- Ok, then.
I ate them all. One by one. And I have one amazingly good excuse to do so, and I need one because I kind of broke one of my New Year's resolution. After 2 week vacation and some affairs with a few portuguese convent sweets and tons of parisian macarrons I was missing my brigadeiros like an unfaithful and passionate husband that comes back home full of guilty. And god! How tasty and so much worthy brigadeiros are! I love them so badly and I won't mess around with our relationship again. 

Wooow. That was really good.     

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