Monday, January 10, 2011

Great 2011!

It's january 9th and we're glad to back!

Over the past weekend we worked in our first 2011 order. Bem casados to double nation wedding. American bride and Brazilian crazy about sweets groom, and it was great working with them. She knew exactly what she wanted, modern but with some sparkle. He was very specific too, he wanted bem casados. The big chalenge was visiting our wrapping suppliers during Christmas to find something that was sparklie but non christmas at all. Everything had either glitter, candy cane stripes, or was too tacky for a wedding. And this bride was so delicate and nice. Thank God (or Santa maybe) after a long research I found this sheer silver ribbon that she approved without a hint of doubt. We also worked with a new message tag. Folded, makes room on the outside so we can use monograms and dates.

Transforming small ideas in to real things. What a great way to start a new year .  

 new folded tag with a message inside
and 235 bem casados ready to go.

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  1. Parabens e que bom saber que sua empresa existe! Moro em DC e tenho meu negocio proprio:

    Participo do grupo Mulher Brasil e ja contei pra todas sobres os brigadeiros, etc.

    Uma amiga no Facebook/Twitter foi quem falou sobre seu negocio.