Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Brigadeiros got a room on the West Village!

It's 5pm. Long day shopping, or walking, or studying or just doing nothing when that late afternoon craving strikes you. Your veins desire something rich and sweet and preferably chocolaty, the daily dose. Stop at Duane Reade and fix it with cheap candy bars. God! I made so much today, I probably deserve more than packed junkie. I need to indulge, to melt, to elevate my cocoa levels. I could die for a Brigadeiro, but than I have to order and have it delivered tomorrow when my cravings were gone. If I could just have one, at someplace nearby.

Looks someone heard your inner voice. And sent a quick response to the corner of 12th street and 6th avenue, precisely at O Cafe, this eco-friendly & cozy space where you can sip Brazilian style brewed coffee from Bahia beans, try made on premises fresh pastries and yep, indulge yourself with our Brigadeiros!

After a successful trial we're delivering our chocolate brigadeiros regularly and now you can have it one-by-one. When you want it. Isn't it great news?

We thank our pals at O Cafe for this amazing opportunity of bringing Brigadeiros closer to everyone.


  1. Yeeeyyyy!!! This is great news!!!
    Hummmm delicious! I'll be there soon, for sure!!

  2. Mariana... Parabéns!!!

    Brigadeiro é minha vida! Sou louca por brigadeiro e com toda minha experiência na área posso dizer que seus docinhos são fantásticos!
    Ja' estou combinando com a meninada de dar uma passada por lá!
    Obrigada por existir
    Paula M&M

  3. Parabéns, Mari!!!!!! Tenho certeza de que muitas outras boas notícias estão a caminho!!! Felicidades! Bjos! Lu

  4. MARI