Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to bake your OWN surprise birthday cake in 4 easy steps

1. Date/Marry someone that loves sweets as much as you do.
2. Bake him/her your favorite cake until it turns to be his/hers favorite too.
3. Stop baking it for a while, the goal is to increase his/hers The Cake craving levels.
4. Wait for your birthday and he/she'll do the rest.

Ok. It wasn't planned like that. Actually, it wasn't planned at all but fact is: I really baked my own surprise party birthday cake. How come? I tell you. The first two steps above helped this process unintentionally but after all, it was a funny tricky strategy my husband played on me and I felt in like a silly duck. He created a fake email, ordered cake & brigadeiros and requested pick-up. When I asked the "client" what time he was picking up, he said he would be so busy that day that I could leave it at the cold storage room downstairs and he'll drop the payment with the doorman. It was my birthday so of course I didn't insist waiting for the client to pick-up. We left with my sister for brunch and after a while my husband told me he was having one of those strong migraines. I felt bad but he went home and I stayed with her. Later, when I got home the doorman handled me the client's envelope with payment. Job done. Plans were: shower, dress up and head to a restaurant to celebrate my day.

As I open my apartment's door: SURPRIIIIISE! There it was: my husband, my friends and the cake and Brigadeiros I baked that morning. I had no clue! Beyond all excitement I couldn't come with a better statement than: Oh god, this is MY cake!
It was a great night. A great way to step into the 30s. (sorry, I have no issues sharing my age)

PS. the fake email account was under Marc Weissman. Better be Marc, the Wise Man.


  1. ai que lindo....que idéia genial...adorei..imagino a surpresa!!!!!

  2. Esse Marcelão é genial! Muito bom!