Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello Bahia!

For now and on Bahia is not only our favorite beach spot in Brazil but it also names our newest creation: Bahia Brigadeiro. And we name it like this because without the organic and sustainably grown cocoa nibs that we're getting from Ilhéus-BA, there's no Bahia Brigadeiro. And for those who are not familiar, cocoa nibs is the dried and toasted cocoa seed before it's processed in to one of the most loved ingredients, chocolate. It's from everything happens. Cocoa nibs are 100% pure, ultra crunch and bitter just enough to meet the sweetness of brigadeiro and reach a new level of taste. A sexy and adult level. Dying to try? It's already in our menu and at O Cafe.


  1. OMG! To morrendo e agua na boca!

  2. Eu tambem estou com agua na boca....isso ta parecendo MMMUUUUUIIITTTTOOOOO bom!

  3. I going to try this ..
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  4. nossaaaa que delicia ! me deu agua na boca
    OMG !!!