Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red Inspiration

I love working with my friends and lately I'm feeling like the luckiest person on Earth. I've partnered with my dear friend Carol and her Flying Little Birds on many projects. While Carol makes all decoration and party planning we work on what we do best: the sweets!
The pictures below were taken at one of her latest productions, her three year old birthday party. Chloe loves Dora the Explorer and Carol transformed the theme in to something delicate, personalized and still very bold. 

Cake table decorated with Dora the Explorer theme. Coconut cake, chocolate brigadeiros and vanilla cupcakes.

Our signature coconut cake got a satin ribbon and a garland
Cupcakes were ornamented with Dora the Explorer toppers

Tradicional chocolate brigadeiros with red candy cups

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  1. Chloe picked up the theme and the color for her party. She said she wanted red balloons... and this is where the red inspiration came from. Btw, we just loved all the sweeties!